Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VMA's 2011

the video music awards were held and i can't say that it disappointed me. Sure, some of the celebreties wore to much or to little, and Nicki minaj piced up the idea of wearing clothes and things?  i dont know, i'm really not sure.
And of course, Lady Gaga showed up as a man, it didnt really shock me to be honest, maybe Justin Bieber and Lady G. had a agreement? she would show up as a guy and he as a girl, he did great!
 But what really socked me was Demi Lovato, she sowed up as a doll? the disney actress has her feminin side for sure.
i dont want to express myself about the jersey shore cast, they were all horrible, and the adoreble Beyonce becoming a mother, she looked so BEAUTIFUL.

love the dress

no words.. (dislike)



guess she wore it all

haven't we all had our share of that ass?


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