About Me

Hi, i'm Ída, 17 year old girl, originally from Norway but live in Iceland with my mother and younger sister. I live in a town called Akureyri, i go to one of the best school at the country, Menntaskólinn á Akureyri and i love it there, i'm studying sociology. I work as a waitress/coffee maker at Te&Kaffi, one of the best coffee houses on Iceland ! I have my boyfriend of 2 and a half year who i love like crazy!
Fashion is a big thing for me and its something that follows me everyday. That inspires me the most is fashion, music, movies, pictures and art of all kind.
I'm pretty much obsessed with DVD's and CD's, i buy maybe 3-4 DVD movies a week.. i know im sick !
So thats pretty much the story of my life, i love a simple yet a nice life!