Monday, July 25, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs

It wouldnt surprise my if Elle Fanning will end up as the worlds future model, she has the look and her face is just stunning. Well i guess it isn't always easy being born in to the fameous world, like her and for example willow smith who is already on top of the world and shes what? 13? But i guess that it depends on the parnets, if they take good care of them i know when to stop.. enough is enough. But now i've gotten in something that i wasn't even going to talk about, like i said, it wouldn surprise me. Shes only 13 years old and already shes a not only a fashion icon, but at the age of 4 she was already acting. I really think she adoreble, i want to see more of her in the future, definitely ! But here she is modeling for Marc by Marc Jacobs with Lowell Tautchin, and the results are amazeing ! they both look gorgeus. Again, i love the autumn colours ! The photographer Juergen Teller, has taken alot of photos for Marc Jacobs and the results always seems to be outstanding. His photos are great, some of them might be a little to much, but i like it !


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