Sunday, July 31, 2011


I can truly say with all my heart that autumn is my favorite season, the peace which moves over everything and everyone. The warm weather turns into a cool and a perfectly fine weather. The old routine that was so boring and you hated last spring turns so exciting again and the need for structure comes back, school finally starts and everything is wonderful! You can just sit and realx on a cozy night with a blancet and candels while the leaves, the wind and the rain blows outside. one of my favorite thing about autumn is the fashion ofcourse !! its when the weather is not too cold so you dont have to stuff yourself in the warmest peace of clothing you own, but you can still look great in your cozy sweater, leggings, warm and comfy shoes, a fine jacket and a scarf and a cap ! ofcourse you can add some sunnys too cause the sun isnt completely cone this time a year !
The feeling when you bounce between stores on a windy day .. your hair gets all messy, ofcourse we all hate it while its standind, but the thought of it is great !


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